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It is a shop designed to help you get a custom made wood product to be handed down for generations to come, your heirloom.  Though I have numerous items that I design for sale, people always ask, "Can you make this, or could you put a name and/or a date on it, etc."  I work with you in the design of the item so it is the way you want it before it is produced.  Even if your item may look like another item, everything is 1 of a kind.  This is due to the grain of the wood.  It is the grain of the wood that is the basis for the beauty of the item produced.  

When I first started the shop, I did wood-burnings and made cutting boards.  I have expanded into carvings done on a CNC machine (think of a computerized router) and doing paintings.  So if someone tells you "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," refer them to me, as I taught myself everything I presently do.  Apparently people like what I do as I have a lot of repeat business and referrals.  I am always looking for something new to offer my clients.

On the following pages are samples of items I have produced.  Look at them and see if they are something you are looking for, or if they give you ideas for a project you would like to have made.  Contact me and we will start the process of building your heirloom.

What is the "Old Vet Wood Shop,llc.?"