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Cutting Boards & More


Cutting boards made by the Old Vet, come in various shapes and sizes.  Most boards are made of maple and/or cherry for best quality.  Others woods can be considered if you wish something other than maple and/or cherry.  Most boards made by the Old Vet are custom made, but do have some stock cutting boards shown above.  Contact the Old Vet for sizes, wood and price.  Use the contact sheet on the "What's New" page or call.


Cheese boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though most cheese boards are normally smaller then cutting boards and of a quality that the cheese boards can be left out during meals or entertaining because of their beauty.  All cheese boards are finished with 1 coat of cutting board conditioner and 2 coats of cutting board oil, which are all food safe.  If your board is made of several woods glued together, the glue is also food safe.  Use the contact sheet on the "What's New" page or call.


Trivets are designed to be used with hot pans and pots.  Because of the heat, no finish has been put on them.  Some may have slight defects in the wood so that the piece of wood could not be used in any quality item produced at the Old Vet Wood Shop.  So instead of tossing the piece away or burning it, it is salvaged and used in making of a trivet.  If you have a special design that you would like or a quantity desired contact the Old Vet.  Use the contact sheet on the "What's New" page or call.


Serving trays come in a variety of shapes, sizes and woods.  The sides can have decorations, names, dates and/or special events.  The woods offered are maple, cherry, walnut, maple, birch, butternut, white ash, red and white oak, and pine.  Contact the Old Vet to discuss your needs and for a price quote.  Use the contact sheet on the "What's New" page or call.