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Wood Burnings


Wood burning is becoming a lost art.  Some of us can remember as youngsters receiving a wood burning kit for Christmas or our birthday.  These kits came with a piece of cork or wood that had a design printed on it for us to trace with the hot wood burner that came with the kit.  Today it is much different.  Today's wood burning equipment is much different then the ones we can remember.  It comes with different points (nibs) and adjustable heat ranges so one can do many different things then what the one tip was once capable of doing.  One needs to draw or trace the design on the object to be burnt.  The Old Vet uses different woods to make the wooden blanks on which to place the burning.  Wood burning is a true labor of love, as there are many hours involved in making the blanks, drawing the image, doing the wood burning and finally putting on a clear finish to protect the wood burning.

If there is something you would like a wood burning of, contact the Old Vet to discuss the project.  The Old Vet would need to see a photograph of the object.  Most of the wood burnings shown were done from actual photographs.  If the wood burning is to be a gift to be given by a certain date, allow plenty of lead time, as stated, this is a lengthy and time consuming project.